Some days I can’t believe that 2017 is just around the corner. Other days, it seems like 2017 can’t come fast enough! The past year has been fraught with political divisions in our country, violence around the world and on our streets, and a steady stream of scandals. Advent felt more appropriate this year than any other year I have lived through: Come Lord Jesus!

As we turn the page to a new year in the world, I am mindful that we at Trinity are turning the page to a new chapter in God’s great adventure story for us. At the cottage meetings, I laid out some of my heart and hopes for our life together in 2017. I am so grateful to those who came and gave me their input and feedback. Now I want to share my top ten priorities for 2017 more broadly with all of you. None of these are set in stone, but I hope they will be helpful guideposts on a journey together as a congregation. The first item on my list has already been the best part of my job. I’m so looking forward to meeting with many more of you in the weeks to come.

Top Ten Priorities for 2017

  1. Meet with every member of the congregation, starting with staff & leadership (vestry)
  2. Create and implement a parish-wide 3-year strategic plan
  3. Community Groups (small group ministry)
    1. Plant 5 new community groups
  4. Develop leaders & identify apprentices for every lay ministry
    1. Includes creation of a comprehensive organizational chart
  5. Implement a ministry to youth in our congregation
    1. In-house, or through partnership with a parachurch organization or congregation
  6. Establish Welcome/Greeter Ministry
  7. Launch a Men’s Ministry that meaningfully engages men inside & outside the congregation
  8. Plan & execute at least two outreach events which engage the community and the majority of the congregation (50+ participation)
  9. Review & implement a discipleship process with supporting discipleship courses
    1. Newcomer-Member-Confirmed Member-Apprentice-Leader
    2. Examples: Intro to Anglicanism, Youth Confirmation, Parenting Courses, Marriage Courses, Forums, Alpha
  10. Establish & strengthen local & global mission partnerships
    1. 1 recurring local mission and 1 recurring overseas mission