Since I started as your rector almost 8 months ago, we have walked through all the major feasts and fasts of the Christian year together. We began with the celebration of All Saints and the longing of Advent through the celebration of the Christ-child at Christmas. Then we headed down into the longing of Lent and the passion of Holy Week, and back up to the victory of Easter. We awaited the promise of Pentecost and were filled with the Spirit to carry the good news to the ends of the earth. In these 8 months, we have marked every peak and valley in the journey of Jesus.

Now we enter Ordinary Time. In this longest season of the church year, we acknowledge that Jesus’s life did not just consist of peaks and valleys. Jesus spent 3 years walking with his disciples. Much of the time he was traveling, teaching, healing, and casting out demons. The ordinary life of Jesus with his disciples was extraordinary. In fact, most of Jesus’s miracles happened during this period of time. Ordinary time with Jesus is always extraordinary.

This should be true for us as well. The greatest miracles God works in our lives often occur in the most ordinary circumstances. Too often we only draw close to God when we are at a real low point in our lives. Or sometimes when things are going really well. But God is not interested in only transforming our peaks and valleys. He is inviting us to follow him and be transformed on the level path of day-in, day-out ordinariness.

As we walk through this Ordinary Time with Jesus, we should all be on the lookout for what Jesus is saying and doing. Each Sunday we will hear a different teaching or story of Jesus. Listen for how Jesus takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.