My son is very independent. If there is something that he can do, he wants to do it himself. He wants to open the door himself. He wants to put on his shoes himself. But sometimes there are things he can’t do by himself. Recently, he got a new car seat. On the old one, he was strong enough to unbuckle the seat belt, but he can’t on the new one. He can’t bring himself to just let me do it for him, so instead, he says, “Do it like a team, daddy.” He wants to do it together, to be included in the work. All of us feel this in some way. We want to be included, to do the work together, to be part of something larger than ourselves.

At our Vestry meeting last Sunday we voted to take our surplus from 2017 and apply it towards our debt. When I arrived in the fall of 2016, Trinity was carrying about $500,000 of debt. We have made several payments towards this debt over the past two years. Through the congregation’s overwhelming generosity and faithfulness, we were able to pay down $80,000 of our debt this year, bringing the remaining balance to $223,000. This means we are more than halfway there to being debt free. Tom Perry, our treasurer, has calculated that we can easily be debt free in four years, at our current monthly rate of payments. If we are able to make additional payments, we could be debt free in two years’ time. During our Vestry meeting, Greg Lang (Sr. Warden) noted that everyone in the congregation contributed towards this payment of $80,000. Whether you gave $5 or $50,000 in 2017, we all contributed towards our freedom from debt. We did it together. We did it like a team.

I believe that God is calling us to freedom from debt. And I further believe that freedom will be accomplished if we “do it like a team.” If we pay off our debt “like a team,” what might God be calling us to do together for the sake of His gospel and His kingdom as a team? I am so looking forward to what God can do through us when we are free to serve him fully, free from debt and “doing it like a team.”

In Christ,