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On Tuesday, the men from the mission team attended “holy smokes” (a men’s group) with father Brandon. It was a very eye-opening experience. We were able to talk about racial tension, economic development, and poverty. Personally, for me, it was very important to hear about the perspective of people who live in Rwanda and have personal relationships with Rwandans. We also had the privilege of speaking to an American, named Nathan, who helps facilitate clean water access to the country and many other projects. It definitely shows God‘s hand in this country: that there are people who genuinely want to help without thoughts of self-gain or benefit.

On Wednesday, we had the privilege of seeing all the local churches of Bumbogo and their parishioners. It was a long, exciting journey which was very reminiscent of South Georgia terrain with all the mud bogging, but with an amazing view of the whole city of Kigali. More importantly, it was amazing and eye-opening to see how the people of the community come together and work hard in harsh conditions but still manage to have the biggest smiles. It goes to show how far God’s love goes when we focus on fellowship and unity.

— Marc