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Bill Norwood was called to Rwanda through his work on the Trinity mission team helping Fr. David search for a long-term mission partnership. Fr. David met Brandon Walsh earlier and invited him to a meeting. The mission team enjoyed continuing the conversation over dinner at Mom and Dad’s Italian with Brandon. Bill was so impressed and excited by what he heard about Hope on a Thousand Hills from Brandon that his family began supporting the ministry.

Bill and Brandon began to correspond and he was able to get updates.  Fr. David wanted a team to go and sending them to visit Africa was an intentional way to start a partnership as a sister parish with Bumbogo. The Norwoods had committed to praying about this and they both heard God say, “Go!” They initially resisted going due to their age and the thought that their gifts did not line up with mission work, but confirmations continued despite their reservations. God knows best, so here Bill is, in Rwanda, the country in the heart of East Africa.