Liturgy: The Work of the People

The word ‘liturgy’ comes from two Greek words laos (laity) and ergos (work). It literally translates as “the work of the people (laity).” In other words, liturgy is what the people do and say when they gather together to worship. Contrary to popular belief, priests do...

What Do We Do Now?

Dcn. Chris preaches on living daily life faithfully now that we have lived through Easter. Acts 9:1-19 Ps. 33 Rev. 5:1-14 Jn. 21:1-14

Living for Christ

Bishop Neil Lebhar visits for confirmation Sunday and preaches on what it looks like to live a life for Christ. Acts 5:12,17-22,25-29 Ps. 111 Rev. 1:1-19 Jn. 20:19-31