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Today was an incredible day in Rwanda! We finally got to meet the children we have been preparing for in the last few months and in the true spirit of working with the unknown, we had about double the amount of children we thought we would have for the first day: just under 200 three- and four-year-olds! It was truly incredible to be with the children, however. They were thrilled with every activity we had planned for them. We read them the story of Jesus feeding the 5000, gave them snacks of crackers and “two little fishies,” sang them songs, and made a little fish with pipe cleaner and beads. Many of you helped us put these activities together before we left Thomasville, and we are so thankful! It made our time today so much more productive and our road that much easier. 

After doing VBS with the children, we had a wonderful time of sharing with the “church committee” of Bumbogo Parish (much like our own vestry). A particularly special moment for several of us was when an older man on the committee shared how thankful he was for us visiting Rwanda, and how he is looking forward to a time when we will have no language barrier between us when we are together in the presence of the Lord. What a wonderful picture of unity within God’s kingdom! 

After our Rwandan guests served us a delicious lunch, we were able to continue in our mission to paint two murals in two of the classrooms at Bumbogo Parish. Thanks be to God, our projector worked with no problems and we were able to project the images we want to paint right on the classroom walls. Maggie & Spencer traced the images with chalk and will begin painting tomorrow. 

Tomorrow we are headed to do it all again! VBS in the morning with preschoolers at another preschool in the Bumbogo Parish, meeting with that Parish’s committee, lunch, and more painting! It has been such an honor to meet all the people we have been praying for over the past two years. We are excited to meet more tomorrow and to continue to build our relationships with these amazing people.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers. We love you all!

Photos from June 3

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