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Happy Wednesday from Rwanda!

This morning we were headed to Gishaka local church. Gishaka is much more rural than Bumbogo Parrish and much further up the mountain. We picked up Pastor Emmanuel on the way as well as Celestine (honored man) and Jean-Paul (the lay catechist for Gishaka) so they could be with us while we did VBS with the children. It took about an hour to get up the mountain and at one point we had nine people in one car!

When we arrived to the school, the children were quietly standing in circles of five or six (such well-behaved two, three & four year olds!) but they were a little frightened of us. Many of these children (if not all of them) have never seen a white person before so I can imagine how that could be a little frightening. The teachers and our wonderful translators circled the children up to loosen them up and invited us to join their circle. The children sang some songs along with the motions, which we followed, which seemed to loosen the kids up to us. We then read them the story of Jesus feeding the 5000  and acted the story out as best we could, with David as Jesus, of course.  After reading the story, we split the 45 children in to two groups. One went outside to do games and snack and one stayed inside for song and craft. 

Singing the words He’ll do a lot with a little, with the children today was so moving and powerful. Here are the lyrics:

He’ll do a lot with a little

Take the first step and He’ll take 99

He’ll do a lot with a little

Give Him an inch and He’ll take you a mile

He fed 5000 with 5 loaves of bread

Two little fishies so don’t worry your head

He’ll do a lot with a little if a little is all you got!

I (Megan) grew up singing this song, but the words have never hit so close to my heart as they did today, singing them with these children. The Lord can do a lot with a little! Even when a little is all you have! It is my prayer that the children will always remember this truth.

After our two hours at the preschool, we went on to visit another cow that was given during the team’s visit last year. The people here are always so gracious to receive us into their homes. Over and over they have told us how thankful they are that we have taken time to come visit them.

Next, we headed back into town to meet with Archbishop Mbanda. He shared with us his vision for the 11 diocese of Rwanda and many of his goals. We got to talk to him specifically about Bumbogo Parish and how we can continue to strengthen our partnership. It was a wonderful time of sharing together. 

After leaving the Bishop, we shared a meal together and Maggie & Spencer travelled back to Bumbogo Parrish to finish up the two murals we began yesterday. The rest of the team headed home to prepare for tomorrow. 

Thank you all so much for your prayers. We are stunned at the hospitality of everyone we have encountered here and so thankful to the Lord for knitting our journey together so well, keeping us from harm, and allowing us to be the most effective ministers we can be with our time here.