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Happy Thursday from Rwanda!

Today we went to Nkzuzu, which is a new campus than the one the group visited last year. It has been equipped with new classrooms and they are working on a new church building! It was beautiful!

There were three classrooms at this school: two were pre-school classrooms and one was Primary One, which is like first grade in the US. We had planned VBS for the two pre-school classrooms, but we read the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 for all of the classrooms. 

I want to tell you guys how wonderful our team has been working together. Every single day has thrown a different challenge at us—VBS has looked different every day and we have rolled with the punches as best as I think any team could. I’m so proud and honored to be with this team!

After VBS with the children, we went to the old Nkzuzu location to meet with the church committee. They welcomed us with song and we had a wonderful time of sharing with each other. The committee let us know how we can pray for them and we also shared with them how they can be praying for us. When our time of sharing came to a close, it was time for us to visit the third and final cow from the team that came last year!

The road to the cow may have been the bumpiest road yet and once again we had eight people in the car with us, although David graciously rode in the back this time. This cow lives with the lay catechist of Nkzuzu, Rafael, and he was so proud to show us his goats and chickens and the cow. They also had some wonderful banana trees and shared with us their plans to renovate and update their home. We prayed with each other inside his home just before we left, which is always special both to us and to them. 

Leaving Rafael’s house, we headed back to Bumbogo to eat lunch before meeting with the teachers for a type of “in-service” to help give them some creative ways to teach the children more efficiently and to work on their own English language skills. Maggie, Peggy, and Sally worked with the teachers while Megan, David, and Melanie worked on putting on the final touches on the two murals in the classrooms at Bumbogo. In the meantime, Spencer had to go to the airport to retrieve one piece of luggage that did not arrive with us on Saturday. We were just thankful it arrived at all! 

Today was another wonderful, fruitful day. We have all been amazed at the number of things we have been able to get done each day. How appropriate that our lesson for the children has been that God can make a lot out of a little. He has certainly been showing us that every single day!