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While on our most recent short-term mission trip to our sister parish in Bumbogo, Rwanda, our Trinity team met with the committees from each of the local churches, as well as the parish council for all of Bumbogo Parish.  At each meeting we prayed together, shared hopes and plans for the coming year, and made our introductions; each one of us telling a little about ourselves and our role here at Trinity. They thanked us profusely for giving so much of our time to them, and for bringing their churches the much-needed preschool materials.  On one of the first of these meetings, Fr. David mentioned, “We have a saying at our church back home, ‘To God Be the Glory.” Immediately, the group from Bumbogo broke into song, led by Pastor Emmanuel. They sang the familiar hymn by the same title in their language of Kinyarwanda, and then we all sang it again together in English.  In that moment, filled by the Spirit, we were all connected by God. It is a moment that many of us will remember for the rest of our lives. For that brief moment, we were not separated by culture or language. We sang with one tongue – we sang to God together. We were Anglican brothers and sisters singing and sharing one joy. We were truly one body.  We got a glimpse of heaven that day! Then a wise old man, Celestine, reminded us that “One day we will all speak the same language.”

Peggy Corbitt
Director of Outreach and Missions