An extrovert.
An extrovert in isolation.

I’m an extrovert OK? I admit it—no shame. I need people. I need feedback. I need to hear and see people laugh with me. It’s LIFE for me. When the quarantine order came out, it was as though I had walked into a room—a room that was going to be the place of my new normal. It was just as if the commander of the stay-at- home order walked up to me and asked, “What’s an extrovert like you doing in a place like this?”

So I went to the room’s closet and pulled out some peace. I looked on the shelf and grabbed order. I searched the pantry and found contentment. I touched my social media with humor. I tapped Facebook and Instagram for socialization. I called friends I had known for a long, long time and some friends I’ve known for only a few years so I could hear their voices and laughter. I planted a garden to enjoy HIS creation. And I pruned the bushes to tamp my anxiety and killed weeds to murder my frustration. A lot of weeds.

For 3 weeks I have searched His Word—his pantry, his shelf, his closet. I made subtle humorous remarks with not much feedback, but I sure enjoyed my own random humor.

But THEN today someone commented on a subtle play on words that I had put on a post a week or so back.

Her text read:
“I see you, Carol.“


I had not seen it—that’s the quote on the wall in my “room” of isolation—EL ROI: the God Who Sees.

When Hagar was sent away into isolation in Genesis 16, an angel spoke to her with a great promise, and she called the name of the Lord and the name of the well she stood beside “The God Who Sees.”

Search the depths, the mysteries of God. Pull back the curtains, open the shades, throw open the windows of heaven and hear Him say:

I see you, _____ !