Anglican Essentials

An introduction and six sessions make up this exploration of what makes an Anglican. Taught by Ftr. Jim Hobby.

Session 1: Encountering Christ

The starting point for our life in Christ is recognizing what God has done for us. By looking at Ephesisans 1-3 and Trinity’s Membership Covenant, we see God’s work on our behalf and the response to which He calls us.

Session 2: Heritage

As Anglicans we are part of a family with a long history. Our heritage is an important part of what makes us Anglican.

Session 3

by Jim Hobby

Session 3: Authority

Anglicans believe that God is the source of all authority and that He mediates that authority through human agency. This talk looks at how we see that happening.

Session 4: Anglican Way of Theology

Anglican have a wonderfully comprehensive way of doing theology. This talk explains how we approach Scripture, Tradition, Reason and Culture.

Session 5: Worship

At the heart of our life as Anglicans is worship.

Session 6: Mission

Anglicans have a long tradition of taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth. This talk gives some perspective on God’s plan revealed in the Bible and how we have been involved.

Finishing Well

Good for people of any age, this workshop, led by Mtr. Shari, will explore our attitudes toward death and dying, and think through details of end of life choices. In a relaxed, conversational way, this workshop will help you think through those things that will make it easier for you and your loved ones at the time the Lord chooses to call you to his nearer presence.