Important Announcement for this Sunday!

This Sunday, immediately following our service, we will gather upstairs to bless and pray over the new classrooms that are being constructed in our unfinished attic space. We are asking everyone to bring Scripture verses and prayers for the new space and the generations that will be discipled in this new spaceWe will provide markers to write these Scriptures and prayers on the framing of the new classrooms. 

Dear Trinity family,
Over the past two years, God has brought significant growth. This growth has most noticeably occurred among our children. Babies seem to be appearing everywhere, with several more on the way! As I have often said, the most important evangelism we do is to the next generation. The Church only exists today because of the faithfulness of generations that went before to proclaim the good news of Jesus to the next generation. As Psalm 145:4 says, “One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.”
We have reached a critical point in the life of our congregation where we need to create more space for the evangelism and discipleship of the next generation. At the same time, there are a number of deferred maintenance projects and various improvements we need to make to our facility. We have already begun construction on five new classrooms in our unfinished attic space. These classrooms will be completed by September 1, just as the new school year is beginning. This project makes up the bulk of this capital campaign. Other projects included in this capital campaign are:

  • Improvements to our playground area (installing picnic tables, pergolas, and replacing wood chips)
  • Installing security cameras for the safety and protection of our children
  • Providing furnishings for new children’s classrooms and multipurpose meeting spaces
  • Interior wayfinding signage
  • Sealing crumbling brick
  • Installing dishwasher and handwashing sink in kitchen
  • Other deferred maintenance on our facilities

The total expense for all of these necessary projects is $108,000. Through the generosity of some of our members, we have already raised about half that amount ($50,000). This means we need to raise $58,000 in order to complete these projects by September 1. With the money we have already received, the Vestry has decided to move forward in faith that God will provide the remaining money for the completion of this project. We need you to help us reach the next generation with the good news of Jesus Christ. We cannot do this without full participation of everyone at Trinity.
Enclosed is a card with a diagram showing how each individual and family can give towards this campaign. We ask you to prayerfully consider what you are called to give. Even if you are not able to give at the lowest level, any amount you can give will help us reach our goal. It is not the amount given, but the heart of the giver (Luke 21:1–4). As the body of Christ, we need every member to be part of proclaiming the gospel to the next generation. Will you join with us?
May we always seek to commend the works of God to the next generation!
In Christ,